Upgrade of the ULTIMATE-driving simulator for Renault

Since early 2012 Renault may research with a more powerful ULTIMATE driving simulator in Guyancourt Technocentre.

The joint venture of Imtec, Hahlbrock and VSimulation has created an extensive technology upgrade of the ULTIMATE driving simulator. Renault operates this in their vehicle research center in Guyancourt near Paris since 2006.

Based on an existing motion system (hydraulic hexapod additional linear axis) of the vehicle cabin, the imaging system with software, the actuator system and the screen have been updated. Scope, performance and the dynamics of the system were expanded drastically.

Hahlbrock - Fibre reinforced plastics delivered within this framework the enlarged to 200 ° angle of a projection screen in composite design. It was manufactured a one-piece cylinder and cone surface in a high-strength glass fiber sandwich material. In the production flowed the experience for the processing of advanced prepreg obtained in previous projects of mega-yacht building. Due to the weight restriction of the existing hexapod and the required dynamics of the simulator it was asked for a very lightweight, yet solid construction, which also forms a loose approach and uniformly curved projection screen.